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Golden Haven
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Golden Haven



Its been awarded as the most beautiful park in cebu.
Its the only theme inspired memorial garden in the visayas and mindanao.
You cant found anything like GOLDEN HAVEN in Cebu.
Come and see for yourself the beauty of the place

We offer free tripping/ Sight seeing of the place. Our office is currently located at mango avenue. We offer also free transportation from our office to the site vice versa....Just reach me and Ill make the schedule of our visit the place.

We our offering exciting promos that could be affordable to each and everyone. PROMO UNTIL DECEMBER ONLY.

We ARE offering of OUR PROMO OF P1690 PER month good for 60 months. Just think of this for only P57 a day you can already own a lot in the area. This is a good investment for everyone.

Golden Haven offers lots of free's in the package...
Offering also spot cash payment and avail of our big discounts.

Visit the place first and decide the investment of your future....

For more info and details reach me:

MR.kristianne Pepino
marketing specialist
Golden Haven

ym kristianne23


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Sep 28, 2008 02:46 PM