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By using CebuClassifieds, you hereby agree to the following rules:

1. Don't spam. We don't tolerate users who post multiple times for an ad. We try to review all posted ads and rarely show consideration to violators.

2. Place your ads on the appropriate category. For example, if you are trying to promote a website or URL, place it at "Websites" category.

3. Deal only (as much as possible) with CEBU-BASED sellers and never pay for something you did not see without any guarantee.

4. When meeting sellers of an item, try to bring a friend or two and as much as possible, meet up in crowded areas.

5. Be considerate to others. Don't take your personal issues here.

6. No posting of deragatory remarks and/or comments to the seller or ad. Post all your comments in a calm, friendly and respectful manner.

7. Nigerian (419) Scammers STAY OUT! Don't waste your time and ours!

8. Don't make offensive or degrading Comments to other users. If you have issues, send them to the ad owner directly.

9. Ads that are sexual in nature that may be offensive to others will have their ads and/or account deleted without notice.

10. We strongly discourage posting of political ads. This website is not just the right forum for it.

11. Help keep clean and useful to others.

If you think that there are ads or users who violated the rules above or are offensive in nature, kindly email

Failure to comply with the rules may result to the immediate removal of your account without warning and all ads associate with it.

Thank you and enjoy your visit! :)

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