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Apartment for Rent liloan cebu
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Apartment for Rent liloan cebu


Are you a first time visitor to Cebu? If so the best place to stay is in Liloan at the RG apartments.. There you are assured of Safety, Cleanness, Home like atmosphere with 7 foreigners (American and European) as neighbours all of whom are friendly and a ready information bank for where to shop, bank, transport information and an array of other valuable information that any first time tourist would want.

You also escape the pollution and noise of central Cebu and Mandaue. Our area is 18 km north of Cebu City and an unlocked door type community where native fisherman and foreigners live happily side by side. Our apartments are right on the Ocean and we have 3 smaller two bedroom apartments and 4 bigger two bedroom apartments. Off course have each apartments his own bathroom with shower, sink and toilet. When these apartments are available the rental rates are 8500 per month for the smaller two bedroom units (35 sqm) and 12500 per month for the larger two bedroom units (65 sq.m). We rent this apartments fully furnished such as 2 beds, mattresses, sheets and covers, pots and pans and cooking equipments, couch, chairs, table, fan, air conditioner, microwave, refrigerator, TV. Our units really are the best priced in Metro Cebu when you consider construction quality, personal assistance, newness, closeness to town, amenities environmental pollution, and location. This rent is not including the electricity, water and lpg which are paid by the tenants and normally run from 1000 to 2500 each month depending on whether they use air conditioning, cable TV, high speed internet etc.
Each apartment have is own electricity and water meter.
We ask a 1 month deposit fee and the payment of the monthly rent in advance.

Most of oure tenants are retired and several presently work in the area. We have a high stone gated community although the area is totally safe for both foreigners and locals. There is ample parking for all cars and a large gazebo with outside barbeque grill. The comradeship among the tenants and the wives and girlfriends of the tenants is quite remarkable. Everyone seems to pitch in to help everyone else with regards to such things as best shopping areas, pricing information on virtually everything, medical services, malls, theaters, places to meet the opposite sex, etc. Public transportation is available 24 houres a day within minutes and costs roughly 25 pesos to the center of the city. If we can be of further assistance or answer other questions please feel free to email or txt me 09129866880 and 09232724666

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Rencey & Ron Groenhart
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Apr 20, 2010 08:50 AM