Earn 60000/day in Global Pinoy Remittance and Services!

For OFWs, Businessmen, Agents, Professionals, Internet Cafes and other businesses, Employees and On-liners.
And to those who want to have additional income.

Get the Lowest Rate for Local & International Remittance. Start your Ticketing, Remittance, Loading & Bills Payment Business.

Remit Money all over The Philippines and some parts of the World for just P25 ONLY! Fixed and One Time Rate! Any Amount!

Some of the services that we provide include:
* Wallet System Fund transfer
* Airtime load transfer
* Money transfer from and to GPRS Visa Card
* Bills payment
* Remittance transactions to bank accounts, Visa, Gcash, SmartMoney, eCash, etc.

These are the PRODUCTS and SERVICES you will enjoy when you join GPRS:

Enjoy these accessible features using our remittance website.

* GPRS to GPRS outlets:
- Send and receive your remittances to GPRS outlets. We have 200 remittance partners around the world and 96 outlets throughout the Philippines and still growing.

* GPRS to credit to bank:
- Send cash via ATM anytime anywhere with GPRS credit to bank feature. This enables you to send your remittance in any GPRS outlet and remit to any bank account and to any bancnet or megalink supported ATM.

* GPRS Pick Up Thru Pera Padala:
- GPRS in partnership with CLSC PeraPadala, is bringing the Pick Up service to the Global Filipino community.

* GPRS to Smart padala/Smart Money and G-cash:
- You can also send and receive cash using Smart money/Smart padala and G-cash services through GPRS. Receive money via cellphone and remit to the nearest Smart or Globe outlets nationwide. You can also remit your Smart money/Smart padala and G-cash to GPRS outlets.

* GPRS from International Remittance partners:
- GPRS aims to make the lives of OFWs and their loved ones convenient and easy. They can now pick-up money remitted with our international partners in any of our GPRS outlets nationwide.

Money can be transferred online thru GPRS as:
* E-Cash to E-Cash ----- P25.00 (any amount) for the charge
* E-Cash Convert to Available Funds --- Free of charge
* E-Cash to GPRS ---- P60.00 - fixed charge (any amount)
* E-Cash to Smartmoney ---- P60 (Any Amount) eCash
* E-Cash to G-Cash ---- P60 (Any Amount) eCash
* E-Cash to My VisaCard ---- P50.00 (any amount)
* E-Cash to Visacard ---- P60.00 (Any Amount)
* E-Cash to Credit-to-Bank ---- BPI Only P170; Other Banks P160

* The system is equipped with a payment facility that allows a Dealer to pay for his/her utility bills of his/her household by just providing his reference account number, type of payment, and the period covered.

* GPRS brings you instant ticketing that you don't have to wait endlessly for your tickets to get generated! We offer local and international ticketing and booking. One can avail cheap airfare and seafare deals to different destinations worldwide. Experience the comfort of booking your flights at GPRS and save time and money on your travel 24/7.

* GPRS proposes to offer a new dimension of value added service specifically to the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos. With over 42 million of cell phone users today, we developed an accessible air-time transfer through our easy and effective loading system. You can now load credits to any GLOBE, SMART or SUN by using one SIM. You can also load using our website, it is fast and easy. Also, you can transfer Load funds to Traditional Retailers of Globe and SUN.

* Once you are GPRS Member, you can buy your packages (dealer, subdealer, retailer and GPRS Card) online.

* Simple code command just text [CODE/AMOUNT]space[CELLPHONE NUMBER] and receive your load in seconds
--> ex: 50 09351017067


Investment: 7988 Pesos only.(Maximum Net Income per day is 60,000 Pesos)
* Send and receive money both local and international with the lowest rate so far.
* Online and Non-Online Shopping using your own International GPRS VISA Card.
* Bills Payment System ? Pay your own bills (e.g. electricity, water, telephone, etc..).
* Sell Airline Tickets both domestic and international.
* Sell electronic LOAD for Smart, Globe or Sun Cellular using ONE SIM CARD.
* Earn 13% net profit by selling e-loads.
* Earn 2% override commission from load wallet.
* Your own WEBTOOL Account ? sell loads online (via internet).

GPRS Dealer Business Package Includes:
* One (1) GPRS International VISA Multi-card.
* FREE Dealer Account Activation
* 40 pcs. Retailer card Activation.
* Free Dealer “Web tool” Account ? for online loading and inventory system.
* Operation and Marketing Manual
* FREE Tarpaulin.

Ways to Earn in the GPRS Dealer Business Package:
* 600 Pesos sales commission per dealer card from your “Direct Referrals”.
* 1,000 Pesos override commission per paring bonus.
* 13% earnings from sold e-loads.
* 2% earnings from load wallet overrides.
* 300 to 1,200 pesos per ticket by selling airline tickets.
* 15% to 50% earnings via remittance service charge.

CASH PICKUP IN MORE THAN 5,215 BRANCHES & pick up money in just minutes.

* SM Shoemart
* Cebuana Lhuillier
* Globe G Cash
* Smart Money
* M Lhuillier
* More...

BANK DEPOSITS fast deposit to any bank account in the Philippines
* Philippines National Bank
* Bank of the Philippines Island
* Banco De Oro
* Allied Bank
* China Bank
* Philippine Savings Bank
* United Coconut Planters Bank
* HOME DELIVERY fast and safe nationwide.
* More...

10 Amazing ways to earn money (Dealers)

1. Selling of retailer card
* Retailer card's price for member P150
* Store Retail Price(S.R.P): P300
* Sample earning: 40 retailer cards x P300 = P12,000

2. Load retailing
* Sell loads via computer or mobile phone and
* Earn 12% to 13% for every load wallet sold
* Sample earning:
-->Globe load P500 x .12 = P60/Day
-->Smart load P500 x .12 = P60/Day
-->Sun load P500 x .12 = P60/Day
-->Total: P180/Day

3. Remittance service
* GPRS remittance service charge is P60 only any amount (local and international), so if you collect P100 from customer as remittance fee you obviously earned P40.
* GPRS Express Remittance Service Charge

4. Override commission
* Dealer's commission from retailer is 2%
* Sample earning:
-->20 retailers x 1,000 load = 20,000
-->2% of P20,000 = P400/Day

5. Ticketing service
a.)International Tickets
* Dealers can earn service charge of P750 to P1,200 per ticket
* Sample earning:
-->10 passengers roundtrip ticket
-->20 tickets sold
-->Income per ticket P1,000 x 20 = P20,000/Month

b.)Local Tickets
* Dealers can earn service charge of P150 to P300 per ticket
* Sample earning:
-->10 passenger roundtrip ticket
-->20 tickets sold
-->Income per ticket P300 x 20 = P6,000/Month

6. Direct referral incentive
* You earn P600 for every sponsored dealer
* Sample earning:
-->3 referral x P600 = P1,800
-->So refer as many as you can
* You earn P100 for every sponsored retailer
* Sample earning:
-->3 referral x P100 = P300
-->So refer as many as you can

7. Indirect Referral Incentive
* Earn P40 for every member sponsored by your direct referrals
* from 2nd level to 10th level
* Sample earning:
-->Your 2 direct referral sponsored 4 dealers x P40 = P160
-->The 4 indirect dealers sponsored 8 dealers x P40 = P320
-->You earned P480 for 12 indirect referrals made
-->For a perfect network of 2 from 2nd level to 10th level
-->you will earn P81,760

8. Point pairing bonus
* Earn P1,000 for every paired dealer
* Sample earning:
-->1st level 1 pair(left and right) x P1,000 = P1,000
-->2nd level 2 pair(left and right) x P1,000 = P2,000
-->Here you earned P3,000
-->Pairing bonus covered both direct and indirect
-->Earn P50 for every paired retailer
* Sample earning:
-->1st level 1 pair(left and right) x P50 = P50
-->2nd level 2 pair(left and right) x P50 = P100
-->Here you earned P150
-->Pairing bonus covered both direct and indirect

9. Unilevel Bonus
For dealers only
* Ticketing - earn P10 for every transaction from 1st level to 10th of your sales team
* Remittance - earn P1 for every transaction from 1st level to 10th of your sales team
* Bills payment - earn P1 for every transaction of your sales team from 1st level to 10th level

10.Be a franchise agent
* Earn P40,000 per franchise referral
* Lifetime royalty income of P1/transaction
* Sample earning (royalty income):
-->50 transaction / day
-->50 x 30 days = P1,500


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