Hermes Galop series of ornaments Tanabata elegant gift

Gabriel Chanel's father sees wheat as a symbol of beauty and health. In childhood, she often heard his father called "my good wheat", the call always lingering in her mind, accompanied by life, the wheat also turned into her lucky, often accompanied by around.

In Chanel's private apartment, the Ritz hotel suite and fake hermes jewelrythe famous La Pausa villa, you can see the ears of the wheat, or pick it up in the field, or in wood or bronze works of art, or Appeared in the best friend of Dali's paintings.

The new "Les Blés de CHANEL" pearl jewelry series for the first time to Ms. Chanel in the personal world of the extraordinary taste of wheat, which is a symbol of new life, rich, lucky, prosperous and infinite creativity of the eternal elements. This seriesimitation hermes kelly dog bracelet from the ears of the endless inspiration, 62 exquisite jewelry jewelry works gentle and soft, like the breeze blowing over the ups and downs of the wheat waves.

"Premiers Brins", "Brins de Printemps" and "Brins de Diamants" inspired by the early spring season of the marching young leaves, diamonds, olivine, crystal and aquamarine show crystal clear beauty, like wheat light Stem branches.

"Moisson d'Or", "Moisson Ensoleillée", "Bouquet de Moisson" and "Moisson de Perles" will be the year-round Nim in different proportions show the most incisive, diamonds, yellow sapphires and pearls embellishment, like a hot summer sun Full of wheat.

"Moisson d'Or" presents a grainy sheath of the wheat, inlaid with a 16.8-carat yellow sapphire. Long necklace with diamonds and sapphire leaf sheath as the center pattern, by 977 total weight 477.5 carat yellow sapphire connected with. Brooch and earrings followed the same design elements, complement each other. Brooch for a bunch of diamond-studded ears of wheat, decorated with a 11.8 karats eye cut yellow sapphire. Earrings on the yellow sapphire tassel down the pendant, two pants with a total weight of 5.71fake Hermes clic clac h bracelet karats of horse-shaped cut yellow sapphire, beam with paved diamond ears. The same series of ring works are also similar to the wonderful, the center of the ring inlaid a 17.1 carat pincushion cut yellow sapphire.

"Fête des Moissons" to outline the crown shape with wheat braid. A 25-carat rectangular cut yellow drill was held in the middle of the necklace, with 10 blocks of 10.74 carats of total weight of diamonds, 932 total weight of 40.4 karats of yellow diamond, and 165 white diamonds of wheat pavilions The This set of dazzling series consists of a ring, a necklace and a pair of earrings.


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