Real gold jewelry on the price of how much money by consumers of all ages

On the ring of the price of 2,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan, Shenzhen really brand jewelry that we are not unfamiliar, headquartered in Shenzhen Wanshan jewelry garden of genuine licensing fake van cleef arpels alhambra braceletjewelry, has a lot of honorary title, by the consumer Favored, many would like to buy a friend on the ring will want to know the real brand jewelry on the price of how much money?
The price of the ring in fact by a lot of factors to decide, really brand jewelry on the price of how much money? The price of the ring also depends on what kind of ring, platinum ring, diamond best fake van cleef bracelet or other material on the ring, different pairs of different prices, in general, if the diamond is not diamond on the ring, The general price is calculated by the grams, that is, to see the price of platinum per gram to calculate the price of the entire ring!
General platinum is not inlaid with diamonds, because the texture of platinum is relatively soft, real brand jewelry on the price of how much money? Generally used to set the diamond on the ring are 18K gold on the ring, and the diamond on the price of the diamond is mainly determined by the above, the price of diamonds is mainly from the diamond 4C, that is, the weight of diamonds, Cut and color level to decide, Xiao Bian suggested that the diamond is not very understanding of friends is best to bring a comparison of friends in the line together to pick!
Due to the time, real jewelry jewelry on the price of the relevant knowledge Xiaobian temporarily for everyone to analyze here, more knowledge to welcome you to visit the Opel jewelry network access to relevant information, Opel replica van cleef arpels braceletjewelry leading diamond consumption "fast fashion" Relying on its own international creative jewelry factory and the global direct bare diamond inventory of resources, the establishment of the diamond speed supply chain system.


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