It is a great thing to try to make sisters beautiful

 If you have to pay attention to the trend of the recent T station fashion is not difficult to find accessories play more and more important role it gradually become part of the fashion ornaments such as shirt as McLuhan said the clothes are an extension of human skin and accessories It is an extension of the clothes simple clothes,knockoff van cleef arpels alhambra necklace eye-catching accessories pink roses quietly breathing the elegant British atmosphere thick passion faint free a beautiful flower in your heart passers-by has become a hurry and I wish In this world of flowers intoxicated crystal clear green glass to add a touch of fresh green occasionally kind of inexplicable touched or a word or a smile from the distant exotic style rendering the silence of life is trivial like a dusty accumulation of dust There are always some things that will make us unprepared to put a flower in the heart to find a trace of quiet.fake van cleef arpels Sweet Alhambra bracelet When the birds across the front of the sun jump out of the sea to forget the dawn of the deep and lonely lonely mutual expectations. Faint blue flashing with a dim light like a deep ocean to stimulate the heart of the ripples of the age of the long blue and white porcelain or rainbow rainbow in the days or like the deep canal Valley waterfall natural, unparalleled.
  [Red roses and simple romantic] monochrome jacket with high waist fake van cleef arpels Vintage Alhambra bracelet like the eighteenth century oil painting out of the melancholy girl did not have too much color and no complicated pattern simple pursuit of the elegant and restrained temperament, but this Of the dress and easy to make people feel old and humble how to give a sense of vitality? The answer is actually very simple a long section of the flower necklace immediately portrayed the impression of moving people Mingyan so if you are simple romantic this year's essentials is delicate and exquisite long section of the flower necklace!
[CHINAROSE and classical romantic] delicate fine pink rose has been a sweet gentle feminine charm coupled with chic ceramic texture and refined and rustic bronze match and add a bit of pastoral taste if you are a classical college To send girls so a delicate pink rose jewelry is definitely not suitable for it,replica van cleef arpels ring it is neither too naive and can fully reflect the essence of French romantic is the sweet and romantic the best choice.
  [Romain Roland and brilliant romantic] colorful colors as passionate youth big flowers small flowers of flowers out of the beautiful romantic style if you choose a simple shape of the necklace to match the theme of the flowers become more full and more against the background The retro heat of the recent heat of the Japanese resin and high quality bronze in foreign countries has long been the red to the extreme if you are still indulging in the shining jewelry, then you want to create the most authentic French retro style must choose a low profile Ancient material Oh!
?Gothic Rose and Cool Romance? College is too old? Gorgeous sent too publicity? Simple is too monotonous? Then you can try a little cool under the romantic STYLE hot suit suit pants can create a French romantic style to the secret is to restore the style of the accessories Victorian vines pattern three-dimensional realistic roses classical style of the pin and the Eiffel Tower and other elements are all show the romantic style of VINTAGE so cool you can have a bit charming feminine is not great it? Finally, van cleef arpels alhambra ring replicathis half-length photo is the day before yesterday in the coffee shop WC shot on the road encountered a wonderful episode of the waiter to see where I asked this jewelry? I said "their own design," she stared at me I told her my shop after she believed that I said that this earrings and necklaces is currently only one, I still asked whether the transfer of her to listen to her heard Did not believe that such a thing happened to my body did not expect her to really immediately out of jewelry is wearing that night so I decided to sell to the lovely crush


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