The surface of each other despise, the hearts never

From my sensible, the most impressed by my parents is that my father refused to abandon my mother, my mother always refused to abandon my dad, anyway, they are each other despise. At that time we plant rice at home, the summer is the busiest, because it is one year two years, to catch the harvest last season mature rice,van cleef arpels bracelet knockoffs and then immediately planted the next season's seedlings. That seven or eight months of poisonous sun, ah, people can be cooked. "Jane, all told you not to carry so much, that you do not listen, how do you always this person, let others see that I do not want a big man do not work!" My father saw my mother on the shoulder and carry With a bag just hit the rice, and began to say my mother. "Do not rush to plant seedlings, fake van cleef arpels alhambrain case of missing the harvest that harvest is not enough to eat their own, but also to sell a few money which year, but also earn less money." But every time my mother, my dad Always come to catch my mother on the shoulder of the big bag of rice. My mother choked my dad, and always whispered muttering, "I am not looking at you tired of a person." You see, on the surface of each other despise two people, in fact, are afraid of each other too tired, his mouth so that the body is very honest. They are not very good at using language to care about each other, but every bit of distress is always in that silent action. "Your dad, ah, nothing, can not make a lot of money, this life will be the case, but he is honest, replica van cleef arpels alhambra ringgood for me, then just when you are born, also use a diaper, every day to wash , Do not like the current diaper for a change on the confinement of your dad never let me stained with cold water, diaper is your dad wash, big winter cold his fingers flushed. "These words are my mother Said to me, my father did not mention. "Your mother, did not come back?" My dad went home did not see my mother, the first reaction always asked me where my mother van cleef arpels Alhambra ring knockoffs"My neighbor heard my words, then there seems to be a heart hanging in the heart of the heart finally put down the relaxed feeling back to me," Oh ~ ". Do not see each other's first reaction is always looking for each other's figure, twenty years or so, although face to face always said that the other bad that is not good, quarrel quarrel is always indispensable, but never thought To be separated, even life and then hard, days and then sad, my heart still remembered each other with a good go. Speaking of DR Jun suddenly remembered a friend of things, she and her boyfriend are more fat type, the two often black each other. Weekend when I went to live there to play, buy several packs of potato chips, together with the computer to open the movie. "The rest is my, not to grab, you die fat pig!" Friends grabbed her boyfriend in the hands of potato chips, like a wolf like potato chips for their own. "You are not the same! Come, let me touch where your waist, stretched out your slender legs to see me!" Boyfriend to spare no effort to refute her. "Dare to die, die fat pig!" Friends shook his fist to make him look like, but I feel that they were severely fed a dog food. "Hey hey hey, I said you show good love do not have it, consider my single dog's feelings?" I despised them a glance. They are two together to go shopping, see beauty, friends always told her boyfriend said, "my dear, you see that beauty look good?" "No better look better than you, ah, although you did not her thin, but I like it "Oh, my little ancestor hey, little dare ah ~ I told you that you can not do anything else, you can not, Thin down, if you someday thin down by someone else robbed me that I would not pay homage. "" Dead fat pig, you do not look forward to my point is not good! "Friends in the back side of the chase Her boyfriend giggled to be happy. I heard that true love is like two people like pigs, but also for fear that the other was taken away, cheap van cleef arpels alhambra bracelet replicathis sentence used to describe them appropriate. Each other despise each other is a pig, people sometimes feel wonderful, how can these two people come together? Love is so unreasonable, some people can not tell where good, but no one can replace. Say that often pretend to dislike your people, must be your favorite person. The world's first person to dislike me is my mother So that my skin black, looks short, that I am afraid that after no one to be. Sometimes I can not stand to friends Tucao, they will always say: This is the mother ah The original children are their own mother to dislike, but this world, we are still love the mother ah. In love, perhaps because the two sides too understand, we all understand each other even quarrel also scolded that person, so we will put down the heart of the road set, I hate you bad, but more understand your good The If you meet one person, since then decided to love only one person, DR Jun bless you. But no one is perfect, the other will always let us not very satisfied with the place, replica van cleef arpels jewelrywe will dislike, there will be contradictions, quarrel, this is the normal life, no one can escape the lovers. But no matter how dislike how to argue it, my heart did not have to leave the idea, this is the most rare.


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