Calyx Residences condo in Ayala / Cebu Business Park for sale

Php 3,421,975 this is the amount you'll save for this 5.6M priced condo with a floor area of 69.4 square meters
Yes, that's the amount you can save if you buy this condo unit. It's Calyx Residences inside Ayala / Cebu Business Park. It is a corner unit with sea view facing east so you can view the Mactan channel and also north side as well as the west because of its corner location. The floor area is 69.40 square meters. It has 2 toilet & baths and a nice balcony to enjoy the views.

This is not furnished, but fully finished with granite floor tiles. You can furnish it on your own way. The unique feature of this unit is that the kitchen is located beside a window so the smoke of cooking food easily gets out of the unit. This is actually a merged 2 studio units making it a 1-bedroom unit. This is ready for occupancy and it's new, not occupied yet by anybody. If you get this, you will be the first occupant. It's not rented either. It's just vacant for now.

This is the only condo inside Ayala / Cebu Business Park that is offered as low as P80,692 per square meter. Many condos inside Ayala with comparable quality and amenities are even priced now at P130,000 per square meter. Even walking distance to Ayala, one block away are even priced now at P100,000 to P120,000 per square meter. The owner bought this from the developer brand new and even he has not occupied it, he wants to sell it because of change in his plans.
Considering that Cebu City condominiums inside Ayala / Cebu Business Park are now priced P130,000 per square meter on the average, for a floor area of 69. 40 square meters, offered for sale at P80,692 per square meter, you actually save P49,308 per square meter X 69.40 square meters = Php 3,421,975 That's how big your savings is. Great opportunity for investment.

This is for sale by owner. It’s merged 2-studio units making it into 1-bedroom unit but the owner is open to negotiation that it will be back to original plan of 2 studio units. When this will be negotiated, the buyer will have his place in Ayala for only 2 million pesos plus of about 34 sqm condo. A rare opportunity to find.

This is Calyx Air, Light, Space, Function, beauty, in sync with nature.
Inspired by the outer whorl of green leaves that cradle the flower, Calyx answers the need for residential options that support the environment. Like the perfect spiral chambers of the nautilus, many of the design elements of the condominium are driven by a strong purpose to define a secure and balanced lifestyle for its residents.
Developed by Innoland Development Corporation, a local group passionate about innovation and the environment. Calyx Residences is a concept influenced by the Cebuano sense of value and quality at the right price.
Calyx Residences, a green residential paradise that reflects exciting facets of island living. Amenities and facilities are designed to nurture mind, body and spirit in harmony with nature. Open corridors in all floors draw light and fresh air. Sustainable green features are part of the building's architecture and interior spaces, green zones with plants to clean the air, gardens and reflecting pools around the building to cool off the surrounding areas, use of compact fluorescent lighting and inverter type air-conditioning to reduce energy consumption, low flow water faucets, and dual flush water closet to conserve water, a radical new layout that locates the kitchen and work area next to operable windows for natural lighting and ventilation. The list goes on
Cebu's first high-rise Aquadeck and infinity swimming pool on the 28th floor offer a panoramic view of Mactan channel, the islands beyond and the city harbor
Organic Design elements echo the waves of the sea rippling along the shoreline. Open corridors in all floors draw in light and fresh air Penthouse suites on the 26th and 27th floors provide luxurious options
The sky Lounge and garden on the top floor us complemented by a gourmet kitchen and service staff for private parties Garden Lanai Suites on the 9th floor have generous 36 to 48 sqm private gardens, A spacious fitness gym on the ground floor is adjacent to the lobby facing a landscaped garden and reflection pool.
2 High-speed passenger elevatorsIonized swimming pool
1 Service elevator that can carry furniture pieces
Low density: only 8 units per wing
Recycled / segregated waste management
Energy efficient CFLs (compact fluorescent light)
Green zones in each floor with plans to cool and clean the air
Air and light wells for natural ventilation of corridors and car park levels
Operable windows
Use of inverter type of air conditioning
100% power back up
Laundromat with washers and dryers
Ledges and balconies designed as sun shades
Low flow water fixtures and dual flush water closets
Green mobile shuttle service to and from Ayala Center for shopping, banking, dining and entertainment
Excellent location with 24-hour security

For inquiries or unit viewing, please contact:
Manuel Jr Arengo
0922-2556-555 (Sun)
0999-9195-382 (smart)
Real Estate Broker License No. 0007808
Cebubesthomes Realty

The 10 A’s are certain factors to keep in mind to guide the potential buyers on what they should be looking for in acquiring property:
1. ACCESSIBILITY – is one of the most important factors for consideration. Money can improve your property in the future but money can do very little to improve your location and accessibility to where you go from day to day. So check the location of public transportation terminals, how many rides, how long the travel time, the traffic condition, etc. Because you are trying to improve your lifestyle, the property that you are acquiring must be easily accessible to your work, your children’s schooling and your lifestyle, where you spend most of your time that defines your life.

2. ADEQUACY – The property must be adequate for you which means sufficient in terms of rooms, lot area, floor area, utilities, amenities, car garage if you have a car or planning to buy one. Ideally should remain spacious even if you install all the appliances and furnishings you need as well as the cabinets and closets for all your belongings. Most often though adequacy might be in conflict with affordability, so you might compromise by accepting a less adequate space for the meantime but can be expanded in the future when you have the budget which brings us to the next A, which is. . . .

3. ADAPTABILITY – The property must be adaptable to the growing needs of the family. It may be just small for now, but the structure must be solid enough to add more space like adding a second or third floor in the future, or upgrading the house to your future anticipated needs. Be aware that there are subdivision developments that do not allow changes in the structure of the house, so you need to check on the details as to how you will adapt to your future space needs. This brings us to the next A which is…
4. ACCEPTABILITY – The condition of the unit, the materials used, the style, the neighborhood, the quietness, the security, the deed of restrictions imposed on subdivisions or condominium corporations are acceptable to you. For example, some developers do not approve any changes in the frontage of the house while others do allow. There are those who allow vertical expansion such as second floor for bungalow unit or third floor for 2-storey unit but there are those who cannot allow this to happen. There are condominium projects that do not allow pets and you might not like the idea. It will be good to know the deeds of restrictions of any development before deciding to reserve a unit to ensure that you are acceptable to all conditions and restrictions of living in the place.

5. ADMIRABILITY – Usually this is the higher form of acceptability which is mostly applicable for high end properties. It could be the spectacular mountain or city view, the design of the house, the beachfront feature, etc. This may not be very necessary especially on low cost housing which acceptability may just be enough but it’s a great factor for consideration too because admirability means extreme feeling of likeness for something.

6. APPRECIABILITY – The property must easily appreciate over time. So, it must be durable enough to last a lifetime and that the style is so that it will not easily become obsolete. You will never know that you can be transferred to other areas as required by your work or business or your children have grown, etc. And so, the property must have a very good resale value such that when you sell it in the future, you make a good profit aside from using it for so long. To often, the lack of consideration for appreciability has been a big blunder for some home buyers or builders. They focus too much on what they want in a house, too often blinded by their desires only to fall victim of a real estate principle which is OVER IMPROVEMENT. Look at your neighborhood, if your house is the biggest and most expensive one, you might be a victim of over improvement. The effect is that, when the time comes you don’t need your property and you have to sell it, you cannot even sell it at cost. You need to sell it at big loss to make the sale happen. And so, in this case, real estate is not an investment for you. It’s a loss because you focus too much on what you want. The most practical is to enjoy the house at the same time you are confident that someone will buy it the moment you don’t need it and of course, for a profit.

7. AVAILABILITY – You may have so many wishes for features of your dream home, but if these are not available, it’s still useless. Waiting for them to become available may elude you with the investment that you could have started right away. Your real estate agent or broker will be more than happy to help you find what’s available for you. You need to be watchful always for availability of a good deal. It nothing seems very interesting at the moment, it's sometimes a good idea to just keep in saving money for the time being and when it accummulates, you can use it wisely the moment a very good deal comes along.

8. AFFORDABILITY – What is the price of the property, what is the equity or down payment, what is the interest rate if financed, what is the monthly amortization, how much you are allowed to loan basing on your income. If your income is not enough for a 20 year term loan, you can choose the longest term up to 30 years depending on your age. Or you can combine the income of your family members. Pag-ibig can allow members of your family to become your co-applicant up to 3 applicants including yourself. These are the questions to ask to find out your affordability and if how much a financing institution can grant you loan. Again, a real estate broker or agent can help you find a way to make the property affordable for you.

9. ACQUIRABILITY – is the condition of the property that can make it easily acquired by the buyer by checking if it is titled, the tax declaration is current and real estate taxes are updated, the are no zoning violations nor violations of ordinance or existing laws, no boundary problems, not mortgaged nor having legal problems such as lis pendens, or not subject to road expansion, etc. The development must not have issued with CDO (Cease and Desist Order) by HLURB (Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board) for violation of building code, rules and regulations. The property is not prone to flood or land slides. Checking should be farther than what your eyes can see. Aside from interviews with neighbors, it may be a good idea to check back on the property during rainy days. Due diligence on the part of the buyer must be exercised as this is required by law. Due diligence is to do everything within the power of the prospect buyer to check and protect himself from troublesome deals. Negligence to do this could produce disastrous results.

10. APPLICABILITY – Applicability means the property is suitable, appropriate, useful and serves a purpose. So, even if it is not the most ideal property and even if it’s not the best deal at the moment, for as long as it serves a good purpose, it’s a good deal.

The above 10 A's of Property Acquisition is written by the author to help real estate buyers to make sure that they get the value for their money. As we can observe in the internet and numerous websites today, too many brokers and agents ENTICE prospect buyers by their usual practice of RESERVE NOW ! TO AVOID PRICE INCREASE !. For us, it's absurd to hurry up buyers making them fear of the price increase or any form of enticement. The motive is clear, which is nothing but just to make a sale. In contrast, we strive to make sure that the prospect buyers will be disclosed with everything they need to know in order to help make sure that they make the right investment decision. We believe that sharing is caring, and it's our passion.

Author: Manuel Jr. Arengo
Real Estate Broker Cebu
License No. 0007808
15 years experience in Real Estate


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